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Be the primary digital marketing solution for small to mid sized businesses, and make great money doing it!

BizziBiz is Your Digital Marketing Solution from BizziBiz on Vimeo.

For an immediate consultation, call or email me today!

Sending you much Love, Light, & Blessings,
Balerie Rivera
Independent Business Consultant

Monday, May 16, 2011

Be the first to own a VIRTUAL Franchise...

What I'd like to do, is give you a brief overview of the business, so that we can find out if there's
a possible match between what you're looking for, and what we're looking for, and if there is, we
have a very thorough information process that I will be helping you through. You'll even be able to
speak to some of our current franchise owners that have ahd their businesses up and running.
You will NEVER be asked to pay for ANY information during this process.

Also, let me quicly explain my role in all of this. I am not really here to sell you,
or persuade you to buy anything. In fact, I couldn't sell you a franchise even if I wanted to.
All franchise owners are chosen by our selection comittee.

If you're not familiar with the franchise industry, the franchise industry employs
over 18 million people per year in the US alone, and back in 2004, it was esitmated
that franchise businesses were responsible for over $1.5 trillion in economic input.

According to the IFA (International Franchise Association), over 4% of businesses
in the US, are franchises. The franchise industry accounts for over 40% of all
retail sales in the US. A new franchise business opens about every 8 min. of
every business day.

Approximately 1 out every 12 businesses in the US are franchises, and more
than 75 different industries use franchising as a means to distribute their goods
and services. The average initial franchise investment is around $250,000--
that's excluding real estate.

The average royalty fees paid by franchisees is around 3%-6% of their
monthly gross sales. Most franchise companies have fewer than 100
units, and the average franchise contract is 10 years.

Of course, you have to have a franchise business that actually works.
That is why we have introduced the first and only VIRTUAL franchise
focused in the area of digital marketing services. Lou, let me give you
some VERY exciting statistics.

1. Over $25.1 BILLION were reported to spent online in 2010, and are estmated to rise up to $53.1 billion by 2014.
2. 276 MILLION people have a mobile, and 69 million of them have Smart Phones. In 2011, Smart Phones will
out number feature phones in the market.
3. Mobile devices are used 5 TIMES more than the internet.
4. 80% of all internet sessions begin with a search.
5. Google display advertising is adding over $2 billion a year in revenue.
6. 100 billion text messages are being sent EVERY month.
7. 20% of business activity currently uses social media, and 57% will profit from social media alone.
8. Facebook has over 5 million users, and has over $4 billion in revenue.
9. 300,000 people sign with Twitter every day.
10.9 out of 10 fortune 500 companies already use Twitter as a means of advertising their businesses.
11. $50 billion will be spent on search engine marketing by 2014.
12. 84% of business owners feel that they need to shift significant dollars to the internet.
13. 92% will start increasing their marketing efforts this year alone.
14. 2300 people make the shift to entrepreneurship every day.
15. There are 400,000 new start ups each year.

We at XFM exclusively represent a franchise that fits and fulfills the statistics that I have just stated to you.
A cutting edge, 21st century, state of the art franchise called Bizzibiz!

Let me give you a quick summary of the services that Bizzibiz provides
small to mid sized businesses:

Web Application Development
Landing Page Development
Email Marketing
Mobile Website Design and Optimization
Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
Short Message Service (SMS)/Texting-Text Message Strategy To Copy.
SMS is expected to grow over 600% in the next few years.
Social Media Optimization incluiding Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Linked In.
Conversion Rate Optimization/User Experience

That is just a small taste of the benefits of owning a Bizzibiz franchise. You'll be helping
small to mid sized businesses finally get their advertising out the phonebooks, and online
where they belong.

Light, Love & Blessings,
Balerie Rivera
Independent Business Consultant
Extreme Franchise Marketing

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

BizziBiz Infomercial Video-Become A Franchisee FREE...

To find out more visit:

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact
me via email at anytime.

May your days be filled with health, wealth, and abundance!
Balerie Rivera
XFM Independent Business Consultant

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Free Video: Watch NOW...

Free 21 Minute Video Training on the Other Side of This Page Reveals the Entire Strategy This 25 Year Old Punk Used to Become A Multi-Millionaire on the Internet in Under 3 Years.
(It can work for ANY business)

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Balerie Rivera

Monday, March 21, 2011

Why You Should Become a Mobile Agent...

If you're a local business owner, no matter what goods and services you provide, I assure you you'll be able to benefit from text message marketing. This form of promotion is easy to use, cost effective and offers one of the best rates of return of any type of advertising. There are 3 things that people take when leaving their homes: keys, wallet and cell phone.

This means that text message marketing connects with your customers wherever they are. Whether your customer is at home or on the road, they'll have immediate access to their your product or service.

The benefits of of text message marketing:
One is the rate of return, ranging from 10% to 30%!

Other benefits include:

• Messages can be sent at a specific time to specific groups or subgroups according to the area codes in your area.
• Text messages are short and to the point, which means they fit perfectly with the lifestyles of busy people.
• 97% of text messages are opened.(that's 7-15 times more than a traditional email)!
• Instant and continuous recognition of your business. You'll have your own mobile business card since you can also send your prospects your business and contact info via text.
• Minimize missed appointments or reservations.
The advantages are numerous

There are many financial benefits to local businesses using text message advertising. You'll save money because there is no postage, no paper coupons or advertisements to pay for or need to coordinate a mass mailing.

And best of all, there is equipment to buy. When working with a text message marketing, you can use bulk SMS capabilities, allowing you to quickly and easily connect with their customers and clients.

Join me in the next big opportunity...

Balerie Rivera

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Earn More Money from your Website or Blog

Want to earn more money from your
website or blog?

I just found this great F ree report that
I think you'll like. It's called:

7 Simple Ways to Make Money with your
Website or Blog and 101 Ways to Monetize
Your Blog Without Irritating Your Readers

For sure you should read the 7 Simple Ways
section, then you can browse the 101 at
your leisure.

The best part is that it's totally f ree!

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Attention Clickbank Affiliates!

How often do you send out emails? Do
you use a lot of safelist and solo ad
exchanges? My guess is that you do.

The problem with emails, is that you
are limited to only those who receive
your message. No one is going to
read your email and forward it to all
the people they know.

Email doesn't work that way!

What if it worked differently though?
What if every email you sent out, was
also re-sent out by all the people who
received it? How big would your reach

Enter Viral Link Exchange's Mega Tweet.

Bruce Bates has added a tweet
exchange to the latest additions of
text advertising. So now instead of
just being limited to those who
receive your message, now you have
the ability to engage in twitter post
exchanges to spread your outreach to
a whole new level.

And if you use the mega tweet option,
you can have a twitter post sent out
by every single member of the site.

If each member has 1000 twitter
followers and there are 100 members,
that means your Mega tweet is seen
by a whopping 100,000 people!

Show me solo ad results that good!

So what are you still reading for, go
get yourself a mega tweet!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Great PLR content for nothing is a reality after all

Well as you guys no doubt know, to really succeed with our internet marketing careers, we need to have great digital products that convert all of our qualified leads into real, cash-paying customers. For many people, coming up with products will involve them creating them on their own, or it may involve them commissioning other professionals to do the hard work for them.

Chances are though, like most smart internet marketers, you probably want to save a whole lot of time and money. After all, if you were to create your own e-book for instance, expect to spend tens of hours doing the research you need, and then writing the book itself – and that's if you're only semi-decent at writing. If you're a good writer, it will still take you hours and hours and if you're terrible, well, forget it, because your e-book won't sell!

Now, you certainly won't go wrong by hiring a good writer to create a really good e-book, but think about how much a good writer is going to cost you. Wouldn't you rather spend that money on getting visitors to your site so you can make more money?

I'm pretty sure, like me, you're always looking for ways to save time and money on your internet marketing business. I'll easily spend hours each week just reading up on the latest internet marketing happenings and news, in the endless search of improving the way I do business. In my latest search, I came across a really unique website, that's well worth you checking out if you are serious about time and money saving:


Now the name is pretty self-explanatory. This site was created by an internet marketer for internet marketers, and it's a one-stop shop for PLR material. E-books, reports, training videos, e-courses – you name it!

The really wonderful thing about this site though is that membership is free. You can sign up as a VIP Member, which won't cost you a cent, and you can download a huge amount of PLR material for free!

You can sell that material yourself as part of your own internet marketing business, and of course, you can change any part of the product to suit your target audience.

Don't be put off by the free part either, in terms of the quality of the material that's on offer, because I've downloaded the free PLR stuff myself and it's of a really high quality.

I've paid plenty of writers in my time to create digital products, and I can honestly say that the quality of this material is just as good, if not better – without me having to pay the money I would pay a writer.

In addition to the free PLR material you can download as VIP Member, you can also access heaps of great information about how to improve your internet marketing business.

You also have the option of paying a small one-time fee to become a Full Member of the site, and that will entitle you to even more fantastic PLR products to download and sell, plus you can become an affiliate of the PLR Wholesaler website itself, and receive a great commission whenever somebody you refer signs up as a Full Member.

Regardless of whether you're a paying member or not, you will have access to a regular e-newsletter that gets sent out, and if the testimonials are anything to go by, it's definitely one e-newsletter that's worth your while.

I can vouch for that too, and I am a real pro when it comes to deleting emails that bore me!

So, please do me a favor and join now – this is a site that's definitely worth your time regardless of your level of experience in internet marketing, so visit it now at:


I promise you won't be disappointed.

Until next time, may you keep on selling!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You gotta meet this guy!

A few months ago I heard about a guy who was taking
the world by storm. He came from nowhere and suddenly
he was on speaking circuits and sharing the stage
with top marketers. Recently he spoke at the "Internet
Marketing Super conference" in Orlando, FL.

What's insane about his story is that he's below
the radar for a long time and the "go to" guy for
some of the top marketers in the industry. He's behind
more than 400 highly successful launches and
promotions on the Internet.

Watch him explain how anyone can turn their website
into an ATM machine, in plain, simple English:


Btw, if you haven't met Raam Anand, the guy
who did the video, you should take note.

Anyone can become a highly paid EXPERT in launching
and promoting online businesses -- that's what
Raam believes and he's proven it himself.

Are you getting the sales you deserve online?
Have you monetized your website properly?
Is your online business optimized for success?


Just go to this site, watch Raam's complimentary

Enjoy and take notes. Trust me, it's worth the optin.

Balerie Rivera

P.S. Raam's video -- especially the '5-steps' and
the awesome resource downloads he's giving -- are
amazing. He says he's taking questions on the site,
so watch and comment. No wonder this guy is blowing
up. He's sure got cred.


Friday, February 25, 2011

FREE Vacation certificates----Today ONLY

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You can use MagicSubscriber™ on unlimited websites. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can consistently, predictably generate a steady stream of targeted traffic and leads.

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It's flexible. You have advanced control over the pop-up message and when/how often your automatic capture box should appear (i.e., instantly, time delay, on entry, on exit, etc.)

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

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Trust me, it's NOT going to get any easier
than this: $1,005.12 a day with simple cell
phone ads that don't require keywords or a
website and pull like mad for pennies even in
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Mobile Monopoly is the first real "game changer"
for affiliates I've seen in a long time (totally gets
rid of the hurdles that come with the usual stuff
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… so it's a "no brainer" to get in on this right now.
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Increase the activity ratio in your downline for FREE!!

If you're trying to promote your business online, the LAST thing you need is to hear that someone else's business is so much better than yours, or how the only way you'll ever make money online is by quitting YOUR business and joining THEIRS.


You can make money online with ANY legitimate business IF you have the right tools and IF you know how to use those tools.

Listen, I'm going to be straight with you. I spent more than a year jumping from program to program, always believing that if I could just find the right one, I could make it work for me.

I never made a DIME and spent thousands of dollars trying ! The hard truth is that I could have made money with ANY of the programs I joined if I had only known then what I know now.

As soon as I learned what to do everyday on on a daily basis and learned what to STOP doing, everything turned around for me.

In just a week, I drove over 1,000 unique visitors to my site and in just two weeks I have made 5 sales.

Now that may not sound like much to you, but for someone who had struggled for 2 years without making as much as a dime, let me tell you, I was a VERY HAPPY CAMPER!

During those first 2 weeks, I followed a Step-By-Step Marketing System. Now, I just repeat those steps over and over.


This system WILL truly turn things around for you and open your eyes to a WHOLE LOT you have been missing.

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Blogs make $106 a day with Amazon, Ebay and Adsense

A really quick way to make some passive income is to set up
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Imagine if you could make just $1 for EACH blog that
you put up, PER DAY.

Then what if you had 100 blogs making $1 each per day?!

Well, in theory this is very achievable.


The PROBLEM people have is driving TRAFFIC to their
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I also used to have this same problem UNTIL I got this software
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My blogs generate $255.72, $46.57, $1162.34, $136.08, $432.64 per day
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For a very limited time you can get the exact SAME software that
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Give it a TRY for a full 60 days, and if you don't like it, you'll get
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PS. The software was designed to be FULLY automated. The last
thing you want to do is be at your computer 9 hours a day. Let
technology do all the grunt work for you and get you TRAFFIC
on complete autopilot!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Got traffic....

I've been testing an exciting new URL submission tool which is going to make my life – and yours – a whole lot easier.

URL submissions to search engines always seem to take far too long, no matter how organized you are.

If you're like me, you probably aren't keen to put your trust in some of the free online services which claim they'll submit your URL to thousands of sites.

After all, do they ever show you a report, or confirm that you have actually been added?

When it comes to URL submissions, it's the main search engines which I care about most. However, even submitting to just the top 10 is tiresome and time-consuming if you have many pages on your site or if your own several other sites.

Another problem is that search engines may penalize you if you use some URL submission software instead of actually visiting the search engines.

Solving all those problems in one mighty blow is the new Search Engine Blaster submission service.

Whether you have dozens of domains to administer, or just a few URL's to submit, Search Engine Blaster can handle all of your dirty work--automatically--unattended.

Better yet, search engines won't object to it, It's pre-programmed to automatically submit your web pages, in a responsible and effective manner. What's important here is that the software does NOT spam the search engines. It posts URLs in a responsible fashion, so the search engines won't see any objectionable behavior.

The worst part about most submission software is manually adding in the URL's of your web site. With Search Engine Blaster, it couldn't be easier. You just enter in your domain name, and their submit bot will visit your web site, and automatically load every page on your site into the submission queue--it's truly amazing to see. You can actually see it working, as all of your pages instantly show up in your submit list right in your browser!

I found it very simple to use. Since it is an online based service, there's no complicated software to learn and nothing to download. Once you tell it what to submit, it will automatically re-submit as often as you'de like. You don't even have to log in to do it--It's all on auto-pilot!

While it certainly submits to the top engines, It also submits to thousands of niche specific search engines, free for all sites, directories, and even classified ad sites, doing the work for you with pinpoint accuracy, as if you were doing it manually--even while you're on vacation!

There's another tool included with this service called the doorway page builder. Again, they made this one very easy to use. You type in some keywords and phrases about your web site, click on create, and the software will instantly generate up to 50 key word optimized doorway pages just for you (This allows search engines to list even more sites on your domain, as well as earning you a higher rank in the engines)It will even upload them directly to your website, and submit those new pages directly to the search engines as well.

All in all, I found this service to be first class. I've never seen anything else like it.

Their support staff was there when I needed them, and they have an extensive FAQ (frequently asked questions) database that I found very helpful. They truly seem to care about their customers.

Additionally, they offer a generous two-tier affiliate program, offering a 30% recurring commission on all of your sales, plus an ongoing 10% commission on anyone who signs up to be an affiliate using one of your links.

I predict this tool will be hugely popular in the coming months, and will soon become the "standard" in automated marketing. I love it!

Make YOUR life a whole lot easier. Take a closer look at Search Engine Blaster now.


Have a wonderful and prosperous day!
Balerie Rivera

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Home Mortgage Reduction and Debt Negotiation.

If you or someone you know is in danger of losing their home ANY of the following reasons... the payments are too high, the balance is too high, payments are behind, property is in foreclosure, etc... and if they would like to lower the payments, lower the balance, stop foreclosure or even live rent free for up to 1 year or more from the first missed payment, and then get paid if and when you actually DO move, then contact the Mortgage Negotiation and Foreclosure Specialists. We can do or prevent all of this and more... and we can do it for a fraction of the cost of other companies. For more information and assistance please see

Mortgage Relief at:


or Call Us TOLL FREE

For a Free No Obligation Consultation

877 604 6636 Ext 601

When calling, please reference

Service ID #


Friday, February 18, 2011



We are committed to legally doing, all in our power to either minimizing any tax obligations that you my have, and/or maximize any refunds that you may be entitled to.

Have you ever been told "You Owe..."?

Unlike other companies that simply take the information you provide and then let the chips fall where they may. Most companies, whether you have a small refund or even owe money (when you no you shouldn't), they are done. No matter how the liabilities came out, you were told you simply "owed what you owed". (You may have experienced this). That is not how we work.

First, we take the information that you put it into the system as any other tax professional would do…

Second, Only after that first pass, do we really we go to work. We then analyze it to find the most beneficial structuring of said information to optimize the ultimate outcome of your return.

We don’t do anything that other preparers Can’t do… we just do more than

they WILL do. We are committed to maximizing your refund, minimizing any tax liability and helping you keep all that’s yours.


Obviously, until we've seen your complete situation, we can't give an accurate answer. If you have one job and no home, we can charge much less than if you had 3 jobs, 2 businesses and 4 houses. What we can tell you without even looking at your situation is that the return that other companies routinely charge $500 and more to do, we will do for about $200. We are committed to the doing the best work at the lowest cost.

Our fees are a minimum of $25 for a simple W-2 with no itemization to a Maximum of about $250 for a business with depreciation schedules.

If you desire a professional who is dedicated to finding the legitimate deductions and write offs that most preparers just don't look for, call us

Toll Free 877 604 6636 Extension 3 For a FREE CONSULTATION

Please, when calling reference Service ID BR13589

Our goal is to maximize your tax position. Whether you utilize our services, or simply take advantage of the information we provide. We want to help you keep more of YOUR money.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


It is the goal of the Solutions Network to provide maximum needed information and opportunity to the widest possible range of individuals, companies, and fund raising organizations.

If you or your organization is in need of new sources of revenue to continue your good works, consider the Solutions Network Fundraising Program.

The Solutions Network has created a unique program specifically targeted to, not only, increase the revenues needed to continue and enhance your organization's fine works, but to also, assist the members and families of your organization by providing many widely needed programs along with an abundance of financial services and valuable free information that will be of invaluable benefit to your entire membership.

While helping your members, we help you in your fund raising efforts.

(Click here: to See the Site that will be created for you. Your site will be personalized with your organization name)

Our program lets you earn $1,000's for your organization, with no cost and no effort. And you can do it year round, month in, month out.


The entire system, on your end is very simple. You join FOR FREE and we create Your website with all the features noted above, with your organizations name on it, along with order forms for products and services that are keyed to your personal information so that You and We, know what's been ordered, and when.

You basically do nothing more than send a sample email like the one contained in this link, (except it will automatically have YOUR ASN ID encoded in the letter), and mail or email it to your membership.

You can simply copy and paste, because once we've created your site, all the information in the email will be automatically keyed to you and your organization.

Have a wonderful and prosperous day!
Balerie Rivera

P.S. Here's a little gift...


Tuesday, January 4, 2011


ASN No Investment Required-- Income Guaranteed!

It is our belief that a business opportunity that is worthwhile, that truly can bring success... GENERALLY, SHOULD NOT NEED YOUR MONEY! If they believe in what they are doing and what they are offering, they should be willing to forego upfront fees and wait to share in your success. Why should they need to charge you? The answer is simple... most companies realize that your success is far from assured. Their business model is not to share your profits but to immediately share your WALLET. That is not how ASN operates. See Why You Can't Fail With ASN

ASN's Business Model? We Share only in Your Success... We profit, ONLY WHEN YOU DO!

We won't ask you for a penny today, tomorrow or at any other time. Our success is dependent on your success. With ASN, your success is certain. Follow our system and you make money. Period. We don't need or want your money... BUT WE DO WANT YOUR COMMITMENT.

We provide the opportunity, we provide the tools, you provide the most important ingredient, commitment.

With consistent commitment, we all win!

It is our sincere mission and commitment to provide the information, resources, services and products needed to solve the most pressing issues of today's society. Whether, Real Estate, Divorce, Finance, Taxes, Car Loans, Health or even Wealth-- The Solutions Network is committed to providing the tools necessary to deal with-- and solve the issues of today.

This is more than a free business opportunity. It is a turnkey business combined with a comprehensive internet education that provides the tools necessary for success; not just success in ASN, but success in any endeavor. We want you to be successful with us. But more importantly, we want you to be successful. Period.

Grab your FREE 70 page website today, and receive:

$300 in gas, $300 in groceries, PLUS vactions certificates to
your choice of 85 luxury destinations, including Cancun, Mexico
and Orlando, Florida.

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