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We are committed to legally doing, all in our power to either minimizing any tax obligations that you my have, and/or maximize any refunds that you may be entitled to.

Have you ever been told "You Owe..."?

Unlike other companies that simply take the information you provide and then let the chips fall where they may. Most companies, whether you have a small refund or even owe money (when you no you shouldn't), they are done. No matter how the liabilities came out, you were told you simply "owed what you owed". (You may have experienced this). That is not how we work.

First, we take the information that you put it into the system as any other tax professional would do…

Second, Only after that first pass, do we really we go to work. We then analyze it to find the most beneficial structuring of said information to optimize the ultimate outcome of your return.

We don’t do anything that other preparers Can’t do… we just do more than

they WILL do. We are committed to maximizing your refund, minimizing any tax liability and helping you keep all that’s yours.


Obviously, until we've seen your complete situation, we can't give an accurate answer. If you have one job and no home, we can charge much less than if you had 3 jobs, 2 businesses and 4 houses. What we can tell you without even looking at your situation is that the return that other companies routinely charge $500 and more to do, we will do for about $200. We are committed to the doing the best work at the lowest cost.

Our fees are a minimum of $25 for a simple W-2 with no itemization to a Maximum of about $250 for a business with depreciation schedules.

If you desire a professional who is dedicated to finding the legitimate deductions and write offs that most preparers just don't look for, call us

Toll Free 877 604 6636 Extension 3 For a FREE CONSULTATION

Please, when calling reference Service ID BR13589

Our goal is to maximize your tax position. Whether you utilize our services, or simply take advantage of the information we provide. We want to help you keep more of YOUR money.

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