Saturday, March 5, 2011

Attention Clickbank Affiliates!

How often do you send out emails? Do
you use a lot of safelist and solo ad
exchanges? My guess is that you do.

The problem with emails, is that you
are limited to only those who receive
your message. No one is going to
read your email and forward it to all
the people they know.

Email doesn't work that way!

What if it worked differently though?
What if every email you sent out, was
also re-sent out by all the people who
received it? How big would your reach

Enter Viral Link Exchange's Mega Tweet.

Bruce Bates has added a tweet
exchange to the latest additions of
text advertising. So now instead of
just being limited to those who
receive your message, now you have
the ability to engage in twitter post
exchanges to spread your outreach to
a whole new level.

And if you use the mega tweet option,
you can have a twitter post sent out
by every single member of the site.

If each member has 1000 twitter
followers and there are 100 members,
that means your Mega tweet is seen
by a whopping 100,000 people!

Show me solo ad results that good!

So what are you still reading for, go
get yourself a mega tweet!


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